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Myofascial Therapy

What is myofascial therapy?

Myofascial therapy is a term which regroups many hand techniques to relax body tissues in a therapeutic approach.

What types of manipulations are used in muscular therapy?

Massages are deep type massages, given with light pressures to relax the muscles and by using friction to stimulate the tissues. This therapy allows to break up the adhesions between muscular fibres, while also improving both blood and lymph circulation.

How does muscular therapy work?

We usually remove the clothes off the treated area and the patient must feel comfortable and relaxed. We use massage cream to reduce the friction during the massage.

Why do we use muscular therapy?

This therapy is useful in many cases : relaxation, reduction of edema (swelling) or mobilization of an area. The massage also helps reduce inflammation on the recent wound site.

Benefits for patients

  • Enhances the function of both muscles and joints
  • Improves both blood and lymph circulation
  • Increases the metabolism
  • Improves the healing process
  • Helps relax